We have earned a reputation for delivering an outstanding service to our clients:

  • From commercial organizations who we have helped during bids for contracts with UK government and public bodies and during the passage of government legislation.
  • From organizations in the public and private sector who we have helped to understand the structure and processes of government decision-taking and policy-making and how to engage in the process.
  • From overseas governments who we have helped to develop their capacity for delivery of sound public administration and to understand how the UK government and Parliament manage EU business and develop foreign and domestic policy.

So what makes us different?

  • We only train and advise you on things we have done for real.
  • We don’t believe in selling you something you don’t need or that does not quite do the job- even if that means we have to refer you elsewhere.
  • We’ll come up with ideas and suggestions that can help you meet the challenges you face. Sometimes it will mean changing the way that you think about a perceived problem or opportunity too.
  • We are the only training and consultancy organization in the UK operated by former civil servants who have vast experience in working within the corridors of power in Whitehall, Westminster and Brussels.
  • Having worked in highly charged political environments we are able to foresee obstacles and events which may be a challenge for you and assist you in mitigating them.
  • We have a large footprint in government having dealt first-hand with strategic and reactive policy-making driven from Secretaries of State, 10 Downing Street and elsewhere. We know where the risks loom and options to mitigate.
  • We have battled to get a slot in the government’s legislative programme and taken bills through Parliament. We can help you to plan how best to engage in the process.