Westminster Training has recently designed and delivered in-house training workshops in the flowing subject areas:


  • briefing politicians and senior officers more effectively,
  • developing policy recommendations for politicians and senior officials,
  • running a private office of an elected politician or senior officer,
  • engaging with ministers and local members of parliament more effectively,
  • understanding the process of making and influencing legislation,
  • understanding the government machine better and understand how decisions are made and influenced,
  • answering correspondence from members of parliament and other politicians,
  • writing speeches for politicians and senior officers
  • practical leadership


Why use Westminster Training?


Westminster Training has a track-record of tailoring training workshops to meet the training and development needs of the blue light services. We have worked with police and civilian staff across more than 30 police force areas in England and Wales and with several fire and rescue services.

Westminster Training has successfully helped organisations throughout the public sector to build and improve their capacity and productivity.


Our approach


Our bespoke solutions allow you to focus your training to address individual organisational needs. We will work with you both pre-event and post-event to ensure that your staff and colleagues receive the highest level of training and understanding from our expert trainers and speakers.

Our process is designed to make it as easy for you as possible to secure your precise training needs.


From the outset we will work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your specific training and development needs, the culture of your organisation and the specific challenges you are facing.

Design and development
After the initial consultation, our subject expert will design a training programme and consider the appropriate training methodologies and then contact you to discuss this in more detail. We will then develop the training content and materials for the course, including all necessary handouts, and background reading.

We agree with you an appropriate time and venue for delivery by our in-house subject expert

We will use a variety of evaluation tools during and after the course to help you identify if the training has met individual and organisational objectives.




The cost of a typical one-day training workshop, for up to 12 people, is £1600. This includes all the stages mentioned above.


For further information please contact us on 020 7183 5484 or at [email protected]