Our tutors and consultants have significant experience working with clients around the world helping provide bespoke training and consultancy that is just right for the client’s needs. Most of this training is delivered overseas although we have also delivered a number of training programmes for international clients who wish to come to the UK often to visit our governmental, parliamentary and legal institutions to supplement their learning.

Outlined below are a few examples of our recent training for international clients.

Senior Management Officials of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Government of Sierra Leone – delivered in Free Town, Sierra Leone

This five day programme provided senior officials with policy-making, decision-taking and effective delivery skills to support their foreign policy strategy and diplomatic efforts in the region and wider international contexts.

(Note: we delivered this training in January 2014, before the devastating Ebola outbreak, we were planning to provide follow up training; this is currently postponed. Our thoughts are with colleagues in Sierra Leone)

Officials from the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, Government of Macedonia – delivered in Skopje, Macedonia

This three day programme provided senior officials in the Macedonian civil service with strategic leadership and policy skills. It also provided participants with a range of tools and techniques that they could use to teach others the subjects and skills introduced during the training in order to disseminate the learning wider throughout ministries.

High-potential Civil Servants from the Polish Government – delivered in London

This five day programme provided high-potential civil servants in the Polish civil service with an understanding of how the UK government and Parliament conducts EU business. This included formal teaching, project work and visits to key institutions.