Few people or organisations understand how to engage effectively with parliamentary select committees. Often their only experience is watching unprepared witnesses get cross-examined by MPs as they try to put their case across in an oral evidence session.

If a select committee is likely to be interested in something you are involved in or you would like them to be it is essential that you have a strategy that goes beyond last minute preparation when called to give evidence.

We have provided help and support to organisations who have needed different things from a relationship with a select committee. This has included

  • Helping prepare for an informal discussion with the Chair of a select committee
  • Assisting in the drafting of papers and written evidence to a select committee
  • Providing analysis of issues and interests of select committees and their members
  • Preparing briefing for an oral evidence session with a select committee
  • Conducting mock select committee evidence sessions with prospective witnesses

Members of Select Committees are elected for a Parliament (5 years) and many serve more than one term so it is vital to get off on the right foot with each and every member of the committee and especially the Chair. The key to success and a professional and lasting relationship with a select committee is down to good planning, being honest and open in your dealings with them, being helpful and good preparation.

Our team of tutors and consultants have years of experience working with select committees, preparing ministers and senior government officials for oral evidence sessions as well as briefing members of the committee and other witnesses. If you need help or just a no obligation discussion about select committees please get in touch.