Claire is an expert on Government policies and affairs, regulatory frameworks for energy and infrastructure and international trade issues.

Three years as Vice President, Regional Executive for Europe for Energy and Construction at URS Corporation. Developed strategies for URS Corporation in the key sectors of nuclear new build, decommissioning and fuel management, unconventional oil and gas, integrated infrastructure provision.

Previously Claire had 22 highly successful years with the UK National Government. Director of policy on security of energy supplies, safety and security of nuclear energy; Director and lead UK negotiator on international trade. Director level work in key policy areas including energy and climate change, where she set the regulatory framework for OFGEM, negotiated international pipeline developments and major import facilities, and the regulatory regime for nuclear safety and security. In international trade she led negotiations of the Doha round Free Trade Agreements with India, Korea and others, and was responsible for policies and strategies on Europe, including Single Market and European commercial integration and trade policies. Previous responsibilities include legislation on competition and consumer issues, regulatory affairs for labour market and the benefits system.