Darryl served over 20 years in government at the Cabinet Office, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Department for Trade and Industry, Government Whips Office. For most of that time he worked close to ministers; in policy roles, as Senior Policy Adviser, Principal Private Secretary and as Deputy Head of the Government Whips Office, In the Cabinet Office he also worked on cross government policy on  public bodies and appointments.

He has worked in highly charged political environments where tensions between party political needs, political expediency and responsibilities of government are finely balanced and has experience of managing often tense and difficult relationships between government and other agencies including during a police investigation (Cash for Peerages) and inquiries by select committees (including the Quadripartite Committee on Arms Export Controls and the Foreign Affairs Committee) and high profile independent bodies including the Committee of Standards in Public Life.

Since 2007 Darryl has been involved in policy, parliamentary and political and communication training. He was Director of the Foreign Office Modern Diplomacy programme,  Principal consultant on the Ministerial Development programme for the UK Government and Subject Expert on parliamentary and government machinery and procedures.  Prior to the 2010 General Election he developed a programme of training of working in a coalition. Darryl is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, the Charted Management Institute and the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and  is a Member of the Institute of Directors. In addition to his consultancy and training work in the UK he worked in Europe and Africa including an assignment to provided consultancy work for the Prime Minister of the Ukraine on the machinery of government and the process of public policy-making.