Adrian combines practitioner focus with the wider perspectives of academic research, and he is highly experienced in designing learning and consultancy solutions for Government departments in the UK and overseas. He has worked with Ministers, private policy advisers and senior civil servants on the training and organisational implications of all the EU Treaty revisions since 1988, including in the context of this contract, enlargement, conflict resolution in the near periphery, and creation and staffing of the External Action Service.

Skilled manager of all aspects of donor, beneficiary and provider relationships, up to Ministerial level.

Selected experience

  • Indian Institute for Secretarial Training and Management June 2012 – leadership development programme and study visit on UK government structures and practices
    Blueprint design for future senior official visits now delivered from outside the Civil Service; new relationship with a parallel organisation in key Commonwealth country

  • Macedonia 2011-12 – launched UK project supporting new Macedonian Civil Service training strategy. Delivered two special programmes for State Secretary and Minister, conducted consultancy visits, and submitted strategic reports with options for government, in particular for creation of national civil service training centre. More effective and focussed use of EU aid, and real ownership by the beneficiaries.
  • UK Foreign Office 2007-2011 – won, directed and delivered special training contract on new EU foreign policy, processes and instruments. Over 400 officials trained over 4-year period, enabling them to work effectively in area of great sensitivity and organisational change. Supported internal change programme, and improved briefing and dialogue between Ministry and UK Permanent Representation in Brussels.